Basic information

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• Project duration: 01.01.2011 - 30.11.2014

• The total project budget EUR 2 594 996 (9 082 486 PLN)

Project management team:

- Project Manager - Agnieszka Walnik

- Deputy Project Manager - Krzysztof Florys

- Project Accountant - Ewa Majda

- Scientific Consultant - Dr Wojciech Mróz

- Public Procurement Specialist - Alina Kaczmarczyk

Expected results (outputs and quantified achievements):

The improvement of the conservation status of natural habitat within Natura 2000 site "Pustynia Błędowska" – preparation of the area for safety reasons (eliminating of the misfire danger – 400 ha), active conservation actions (removal of trees and scrub) - 300 ha

Opening of the part of „Pustynia Błędowska" site for education purposes – Basic tourist facilities on the area of 100 ha, including 2 education routes and 10 demonstration stations showing the active conservation methods and explaining ecological processes.

Publication of the sand habitats conservation guidebook (containing e.g. the detailed description of good practices, detailed and tested methodology of restoration works and methodology of conservation results monitoring) – book in Polish (1500 copies) and English (500 copies), ecological paper

Establishment of Desert Information Center (at least 1000 visitors each year after opening)

Organization of 2 conferences (national and international) and the series of 10 training workshops (total number – 500 participants trained)

Launching of internet project/site/sand habitats conservation portal (at least 1200 visitors/year)

Database with results of scientific preparatory works (inventories, analysis)


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