Genesis of the creation of the Desert

Written by Administrator    Wednesday, 20 April 2011 15:35

Błędowska Desert is not actually a natural desert, because they occur as the result of persistent deficits rainfall, high temperatures and scarcity of water in the soil. The desert was a result of human interference in the environment. The accumulation of such large deposits of Quaternary sands explain their origin. It’s the effect of glaciation before 2.3 million years ago. After warming of about 10 thousand years ago, the area of ​​desert covered with a dense pine forest. Dating from the thirteenth century the development of silver and lead mining and smelting in the area of Olkusz caused the felling of trees, which served as reinforcement material for shafts and tunnels. As a result of intensive use of wood to the needs of the industry development, a large tracts of forest has been cleared. Then situated here thick layers of sand were exposed running aeolian processes /whiff of sand caused by wind/ creating "anthropogenic desert" which can be seen today. Changes in the environment caused by human interference meant that the area was a special microclimate and also you can observe natural phenomena characteristic of deserts /mirage, dust storms, sand dunes.