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Through the areas adjacent to the Błędowska Desert runs a lot of interesting routes, including the desert area as well as other interesting places are near to (tourist map on-line). It is an attractive area for hiking and horse: Błędów is connected to the Klucze of yellow "Desert Trail". These places also links with the orange horse riding trail. Moreover, in exploring the desert helps:

• educational trail through the Błędowska Desert (3 km) - red signs:

the path starts on the Rudnicka street in Klucze - leads through mixed forest fragments mixed with common beech - gradient of outliers - reclaimed land after the great fire burnt in 1992 - the sands of the desert - ends near the White Przemsza the ash-alder alluvial forests. On the way you can meet a lot of protected and endemic species of flora and fauna.

• educational trail (Klucze Land) (1.5 km) - black signs:

starts in the XXX anniversary estate - the area of joints red and green - the rim Błędowska Desert - limestone inselbergs - foot Rudnica - hill Czubatka - End of the Rudnicka Street. Rudnicki.

• To the southwest of Błędów two other educational pathways are fixed, leading Przemsza swampy valley of the White Przemsza River and White River. In the north-west of Klucze assigned only path through the desert.

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