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The crucial action leading to direct improvement of “Pustynia Błędowska” conservation state is restoration of sand habitats by removal of trees and scrub overgrowing almost whole area of the site (mainly Scots pine Pinus sylvestris, common birch Betula verrucosa, sharp-leaf willow Salix acutifolia, creeping willow Salix arenaria). It should be highlighted that these two willow species were artificially planted in the site a few decades ago.

The whole area of Błędowska Desert was during World War II and later on used as field training site for military purposes. Nowadays only northern part is still under military control (parachuting training) and all of the project activities are concentrated in the southern – civil part of the “desert”. However assuming that also in the southern part (covered by project) there is still certain danger of misfire explosion the detailed inspection of the area to detect the remains of military use is planned in the project. The preparation of the ground to conservation activities will be therefore done in the close cooperation with neighboring army unit.

Taking into account demonstrative and testing aims of the project the whole area of the direct conservation actions will be divided into a few zones, depending on the used restoration method. In each of delimited zone there’ll be a demonstration station presenting former and present state of vegetation, flora, fauna and the description of the used method.

The results of the project, natural values of sand habitats and information on the Błędowska Desert will be presented in newly created Desert Information Center and also in publications and during conferences and workshops.

Moreover the good practices of sand habitats conservation will be worked out basing on the detailed scientific monitoring research and disseminated in a widely distributed guidebook (in Polish and English).

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