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Written by Administrator    Wednesday, 20 April 2011 15:43

The most important and actually the only direct threat to habitat protection in the Błędowska Desert is a natural succession, in this case overgrowing of open areas of loose sand and grasslands by Scots pine, birch and willow trees artificially introduced species - willow and sand willow vine (Caspian). The southern part of the desert is almost completely overgrown. Comparison of maps from 1958 and current aerial photographs indicates that the restoration can be in the whole Natura 2000 site of ​​480 ha gradually overgrown habitats. This problem will be solved by the removal of trees and shrubs in the area of ​​300 ha. The remaining area of ​​180 ha will be carried out monitoring of the process of secondary succession, which is the area left as a control surface for scientific research and monitoring, which will enable a comprehensive analysis of vegetation dynamics and changes in biodiversity.


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